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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Does hair transplant for hair loss or baldness Reduce the cardiac ( heart) risk?

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Studies show that Minoxidil, Finasteride or hair transplant for baldness is not going to change the risk of hear disease in bald people.Baldness is only a diathesis in people with heart ailment and it is not a predisposing condition for heart disease as atherosclerosis or diabetes, hypertension or smoking.

What is the connection of Hair loss or Baldness to heart, Diabetes, blood pressure and Prostate cancer risk?

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In 6 studies of 37000 men in Tokyo University published in British Medical Journal recently it was observed that
1. Crown baldness at age below 50 s associated with heart disease more as a diathesis but not necessarily a predisposing factor such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, Cholesterol & smoking. Smoking can have about 200%, high blood pressure can have up to 100% increased risk where as below 50 years crown baldness of over 10 years can increase the risk of heart disease as much as 44%

2.Frontal baldness is not associated with such a risk. But more the crown baldness the more is the risk of heart disease.

3. Crown baldness may be used as a marker especially vigilant about controlling other risk factors like blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol

3. The association could be due to male hormones testosterone, which may be responsible for more atherosclerosis deposit in arteries besides being the cause of baldness but need to be verified by more studies

4.Studies have suggested that balding men are more likely to also have high blood pressure and insulin resistance, which often leads to diabetes. Those relationships really do need additional study. But it's more important to pay attention to your waistline than your hairline.

5. Minoxidil, Finasteride or hair transplant for baldness is not going to change the risk of hear disease in bald people.

6. In a recent study at University of Pennsylvania on 537 African American people it was found that balding African-American men are at higher risk for developing prostate cancer at an earlier age, if they developed even frontal balding below the age of 50 years. Whether there is any Genetic or hormonal links between 2 conditions need to be assessed my more studies.

Why so many Doctors wants to Learn FUE Technique?

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In last few years there is a turn around from conventional strip surgery to FUE procedure. This is mainly due to advantages of minimally invasive surgery of FUE as it does not involve stitches and therefore has practically no pain after procedure, there is no stitch mark involved, there is freedom to keep short hair style and the recovery is much faster and post procedure restrictions are minimal compared to the Old strip procedure. This and few other reasons why there is a sudden 50 to 60% surge in the demand of this procedure in last 3 years. Many doctors are not trained for this relatively new but highly sough after procedure. Since FUE is a more demanding procedure from technical point of view and needs extra training to master this technique which is in high demand.

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