Friday, September 14, 2007


It is a common myth that salty water causes hair loss. High salt in the water of sea or bore well etc ( or for that matter even chlorine in the swimming pool water) can damage the cuticle ( a tough outer cover of the hair shaft) thereby affect the texture of the hair and may make it dry and brittle. But this water does not reach to the hair root and therefore only the hair outside the skin get affected. The growing capacity and the part of the hair that emerges from the skin does not grow abnormal But most importantly it does not lose its capacity to grow because of high salt. Well had it been so all your hair might have been affected and all that go for swim or all in your area should be bald. The hair loss you are describing is more likely to be due to Genetic and hormonal reasons ( you can make it certain by having your hair mapped for Miniaturization) Due to the stress of your work pressure in your new location this genetic hormonal effects might have aggravated.

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