Friday, July 18, 2008

Smoking and Hair Transplant

Dear friend yes smoking is generally injurious to your health but it also tends to shrink your small blood vessels in your skin and therefore can affect your healing of the wounds in the early post operative period but but it is also known to delay and reduce the growth rate of the new hair. So chose between smoking and hair


vips said...

sir my age is 17 n i contionusly lossing my hair wat r the preventive step should i take to prevent my hair


Besides taking medications like Minoxidil and /or Finasteride for protection of your hair against androgenetic alopecia you may avoid breakage by avoiding combing the wet hair esp. with narrow teeth comb. Avoid tightly pulled hair style esp. by use of pins.

Naturalhair said...

Just want to say thank you very much for your tips and advice. I have just finished 6 months of herbal shampooing treatment and whenever I reviewed my self in the mirror I was amazed at the results. The treatment definitely works and as long as you
stick with the natural healing, the positive results will come.

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