Saturday, January 16, 2010

How is Rogaine for Women vs Rogaine for Men

How is Rogaine for Women Different from Rogaine for Men?

Rogaine for men is 5% minoxidil and Rogaine for women is 2%. Another difference is that the 5% solution has propylene glycol in it whereas the 2% is alcohol based. The propylene glycol helps the minoxidil penetrate the skin better and makes the medication more effective. Although both the alcohol and propylene glycol based preparations can irritate the scalp, propylene glycol can cause actual allergic reactions in those who are sensitive.

Propylene glycol is greasier to have on the scalp than the alcohol based formulation. For patients who complain of the greasiness, we advise Minoxidil 5% at bedtime and 2% in the AM.

A side effect of minoxidil specific to women is increased facial hair and this is seen predominately with the 5% propylene based formulation. Women are also more likely to experience lightheadedness or dizziness from the medication.


men hair care said...

I have read it all and am fully impressed from this blog and would like to share all these with my other friends too thanks

Anonymous said...

From Your blog I knew about the two formulation of this lotion "Regaine". There are some side effects too. So can this be effective and proper hair loss treatment for men and women of all ages?

Casey said...

Thanks for posting. Hair Loss is very common among us all. Men and women. I wish we can live in a stress free world...That helps a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is very informative and clear. Thanks.

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