Sunday, January 17, 2010

Medications used for Hair Loss

There are host of medications used for hair loss only Finasteride and Minoxidil are FDA approved for Hair Loss prevention: some of them are Minoxidil Group (eg Avacor, Procede, Folliguard, Hair Advantage, T-Flavanone, Scalp Med; The Herbal/Biologics group (eg Saw Palmetto, Hair Genesis, Soy, Nuhair, FNS, Procerin, Folligro, Emu Oil; The Vitamin/Mineral group (eg Folligen, Hair Vitamins, L-Lysine, Hair Zx, Triaxin, copper peptides; Home Made Group (eg Oz-Brew); Miscellaneous (eg dutasteride, Nioxin, Kevis, Revivogen, Spironolactone, Procyanide, Nizoral, Fluridil) many aurvedic, Chinese and other traditional medcations area alos promoted but it may not be safe to use the ones that are not well studied.

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