Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Galeatomy what is it?

SCALP has 5 layers (S: Skin C: Cutaneous Tissue A: Apponurosis (Galea) L: Loose Areolar Tissue P: Pericranium) According to one theory it was believed that 3rd Layer Galea or Apponurosis which is a a tough sheet like layer under the skin tightens over the blood vessels passing through it to the skin and does not allow enough blood to pass through it to the skin. This leads to hair loss. Well this theory is never been proven. Galeatomy as a procedure is there for many years now and not new; is deviced with the hope that by cutting this constricting layer blood vessels will carry more blood to the skin and will therefore control the hair loss. This theory was never been proven and those who have performed this surgery in the past have never substantiated this belief. This procedure which I have no personal experience of has never been supported by even international association like ISHRS where hair loss specialists from around the world are active. It is also important to note that most of the scalp blood supply come from front and back of the head and not from the underneath the Galea and those vessels above the Galea and they do not have to cross the Galea. There are few surgeons in Belgium who rpomote this but have perhaps never presented their results in ISHRS.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr. Mahadevia,

Thanks for your quick answer. May I once more post another comment to this treatment from this Belgian clinic. They write: "In our hands, however, retrospective satisfaction tops 95%." Is this nummber in your opinion realistic?


It sounds to be fantastic. If that is true they should publish it for benefit of millions of this world to benefit from it.

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