Saturday, March 27, 2010

FUE and lateral damage

FUE Technique is sufficiently advanced now so that to avoid less trauma to not only the follicular unit to be extracted but also to the follicles around that. The strip method in fact while cutting out the strip and then while making the slivers and then cutting the individual grafts from the slivers can damage more number of grafts than done by individual follicular extraction.

1. When follicular units are extracted the cut is only made till the level of sebaceous glands and the part of the follicle below that level which is harboring stem cells and is important for the growth is not touched with knife by the techniques that we use so not only the follicle to be extracted but follicles around that are not damaged. 
2.The  lower part of the follicle is any way loosely attached  to the surrounding and easily come out without cutting.
3. More over we use tumescence ( inflate tissue with saline) this separates the follicular units from one another so that while extracting one the other does not come in the way.
4. We use smaller punches with 0.75 to 1mm diameter which which avoids the lateral trauma to the surrounding follicles check the attachment.

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