Friday, April 16, 2010

Masturbation does it cause Hair loss or baldness?

well research has shown that it is not masturbation or sex that increases the testosterone level but it is the abstinence ( staying away from sex)  that may raise the level of testosterone ( check this link:

On the contrary it is the raises Testosterone level that may induce Masturbation or sexual urge.

On the link that you have sent if you read in the website on this page ( you find this:

"The essential ingredients in MoodMax help the liver excrete the excessive hormones which are very harmful to cells. Binding of excessive testosterone, DHT or estrogen to hair roots or hormone receptor cells causes hair loss or alternates genes for the malicious development"

They want to sell their product by taking advantage of your ignorance and your psychological fear about sexual myths and and they do not do this by spreading actual facts.You should be aware that Masturbation or sex may stabilize or perhaps temporarily reduce the testosterone level and would not increase the level. DHT perhaps have similar effects. Regular Masturbation or sex ( a biological response) may therefore  stabilize or reduce Testosterone or DHT level and this means that regular masturbation oor sex may  stabilize your hair loss! (Although this is never been studied or researched).

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