Thursday, May 12, 2016

Minoxidil during Pregnancy and Breast-feeding

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No you should avoid using Minoxidil during your Pregnancy period and also during Breast Feeding period. There is some evidence that because of the absorption of Minoxidil from the mother’s scalp it can reach the baby through placenta or though milk and can lead to some congenital deformity in unborn child or can cause some hypertrichosis (Excessive Hair ) problem in the new born baby.

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Even the experiments on pregnant rats have shown such evidences.

But the good news is during Pregnancy your female hormones will have a surge and as a result your thin hair will improve in quality and your hair fall will also reduce.  But after the delivery the hormones will suddenly drop and many females during that period experience more hair fall (Called Post Partum Effluvium). You may use some nutritional supplements during that period but can start Minoxidil after the breast-feeding period is over.

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