Thursday, August 30, 2007


There are 2 brands of Artificial Fibres available. Biofibre from Italy ( and Nedo of Japan. These are Polymer Fibres and usually supposed to be inert. They give instant visual improvement because you do not have to wait for them to grow. They also require local anesthetic and the procedure is also a surgery The down sides are :
  1. They do not grow
  2. They are lost by about 15% a year so there life not more than 10 years.
  3. They need regular (daily) cleaning care by special cleaning agents under their protocol.
  4. Monthly cleaning of their base by the doctor with special instruments to remove the deposited debris is necessary
  5. They may be occasionally rejected by the body due to foreign body reaction or allergic reaction and granuloma formation
  6. Pus formation and granuloma at the site of Artificial fibers that needed surgical removal
  7. Being a foreign body and partly exposed to the exterior they are vulnerable to the infection and abscess which may require repeated Antibiotic courses. If the Antibiotics do not take care of the infection they may require surgical cut to remove it. This would leave permanent ugly scarring of your scalp.
  8. Because of the above reasons some countries like USA have banned its human use.
  9. They are more expensive than the Hair Transplant
I have had bad experiences and I have stopped recommending it.


सुshant said...

If used with extra care it can give you good,long lasting hair without any infection.And sinc its not natural they will fall but one can give it a shot if he is not allergic to it after test implant done before surgery.
I am not one doing it nor have done it but I have seen some patients.

You do HT surgery thats why you dont recommend it?
If you are a true person let this comment remain visible here.


I do not do it and do not recommend it but the problems of artificial fibers is seen by me and many others

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