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Hair Transplant is the surgical procedure by which hair are transferred from the back of the head to the front. It is a permanent method where hair permanently grows and that can be cut coloured and styled. The hair does not require any special maintenance.

Hair weaving is a method of fixing (anchoring) the wig to your own hair. They weave your own hair in a “U” shape and with the thread the wig is tied to your own hair. This is a temporary method with lot of maintenance. It is in the long run, more expensive than the other options like hair transplant. And the expenses don't stop there. First, you will always need two hairpieces -- one that you wear and one that is being re-styled. Soon (usually in about a year to 18 months), you will need to replace both. Although human hair is used, it is constantly being dyed, brushed and permed to match your hair. After a while, just like your own hair, each hair strand breaks or becomes over-processed and the material it is attached to starts breaking down from the constant reattachment. You will also have to visit the hair centre every four to six weeks to have your hair trimmed and have the piece reattached and blended. Sweating and local hygiene is at stake and the constant burden of wig is also cumbersome. Stress on your existing hair, can cause permanent damage to your remaining hair.

A wig is a non-surgical hair addition by external hair-bearing device or cap added to existing hair or scalp to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Wig is known by various names like hair weaves, hair extensions, hairpieces, toupees, Hair Integration, non-surgical hair replacements and partial hair prostheses. Devices may consist of human hair, synthetic fiber or a combination of both. The device may have various bases a textile net in which hair weft can be tied or specialized polymer silicone

in which hairs fibers can be injected etc. It may be ready made or custom made.

It can be hand tied or machine made. Custom-fitted, hand-tied, human-hair wig are the best but most expensive.

All techniques use either the existing hair or the skin as anchor sites

EXISTING HAIR: Weaves (use thread)fusion (Use clips)

bonding (use double sided tape or adhesive liquids),

cabling, micro links, beading are general terms of techniques all attached to the client’s existing hair. All these techniques use the existing hair structure. TO THE SKIN: Includes adhesives such as two-sided tapes and new improved waterproof liquids. Vacuum bases- held on by suction through an air tight fitting foundation. All are used to provide more security for the active lifestyle, and they are all dependent on the growing existing hair and therefore must be reattached or tightened as the existing hair grows. (Techniques that stress your existing hair, such as weaves, can cause permanent damage if done incorrectly or on an inappropriate candidate. Even temporary clips attached too tightly can cause permanent hair loss.)


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