Sunday, June 27, 2010

New advances in Asian Hair Transplantation workshop at Bangkok

ISHRS regional workshop was organized from 25th to 28th June 2010 at Bangkok, Thailand. It was a great learning event organized at Montien Riverside Hotel Bangkok under the leadership of Dr.Prthomvanich. The best part of learning was the FUE and BHT  techniques and tons of debates related to strip vs. FUE as the method of hair transplant and clearly FUE was the winner. Well Dr.Jone Cole with his great analytical expressions, built out of his long and painstaking experience of performing FUE and BHT was certainly the center of the lime light.

Dr. Mario Marzola from Adelaid, Australia ; Dr. Dow Stough of Arkansas USA, Dr. Jerry Wong from Vancouver , Canada, Dr. Sungjoo Tommy Hwang from Soul Korea and Dr. Kenichiro Imagawa from Yokohama, Japan with their candid pearls of wisdom mad the workshop a worthwhile  time spent.

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