Saturday, July 3, 2010

We perform procedures from Monday to Thursdays only and on Friday we have only consultations. Saturday and Sundays the clinic remains closed.  

As for the appointment I think it is best if you could let us know around which period or week you want to have the procedure done so that; we can offer you the available dates during that period.

The usual policy FOR booking a date is:
You need to deposit $ 500 or 20000 Rupees in advance by one of the following: Following are the safe methods for sending advance deposit:

1. If you are in India you can deposit the amount to the Savings bank account of BISHAN MAHADEVIA at ICICI bank account No. 029501515482, ICICI bank SG Road Branch, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. You may deposit by cash or cheque by going to nearest ICICI bank or by sitting at home through Internet Transfer (NEFT) (Postal address: ICICI Bank Sarthik II, Ground Floor, S.G.Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad 380054 )

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code)code: ICIC0000295

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Code: 380229009

International wire transfer to this ICICI bank account in India is routed through one Correspondent Bank depending upon the currency that you are paying in (e.g. JP MORGAN CHASE, NEW YORK for payment in $ --- the comprehensive list is given at this link You need to tell your bank the Name of Correspondent Bank, Account Number ,Swift code / BIC or IBAN or Bank Clearing Code of that branch of Correspondent bank to your local bank for the wire transfer form as mentioned in the "For a sample wire transfer form please select currency below" at this link IBAN(International Bank Account Number Swift (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code: or BIC ( Bank Identifier Code )

2. Bank Draft in favour " Dr. Bishan Mahadevia" payable at Ahmedabad

3. If you are out of India You can deposit the amount to my ICICI account 029501511589 by going to the nearest ICICI bank or by Bank to Bank Internet Transfer

4. Western Union: Deposit the amount at the nearest "Western Union" office payable to "DR. Bishan Mahadevia" at Ahmedabad, India. You will be given a 10 digit "MTCN number" that you have to pass on to me so that money can be encashed at my end of Western Union.

5. Ask your bank to Transfer the Fund Electronically in our current account in the name of Dr. Bishan Mahadevia of at HDFC Bank Navarangpura Branch,  Ahmedabad: A/C number: 00062020002040. BIC: HDFCINBBAHM;  IFSC code: HDFC 0000006
International wire transfer to  this HDFC bank account is routed through one intermediary international bank e.g. JP Morgan Chase Bank and that bank depends upon the currency in which you are paying. You need to tell your bank the swift or IBAN code of that intermediary bank to your local bank as follows:

Swift Code for $ : CHASUS33 JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of NY
Swift code for Pound: CHASGB2L JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank of NY
Swift code for Euro: CHASDEFX Gen ac No. 6231602308 JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank, Frankfurt

6 . you should be the registered member of services or else go to get registered. The Registration process takes 2-3 days for validation of your credit card and bank. After that you may send me the money directly to my e mail "" using "send money" option in

1. In case of cancellation or changing the date you must inform us 1 week in advance if you want the refund. There will be no refund of advance in last week or on no show.
2. In case where deposit is not paid after taking a date the date will automatically canceled one week prior to the date and it can then be allocated to some one else.

We perform procedures from Monday to Thursdays only and on Friday we have only consultations. Saturday and Sundays the clinic remains closed.


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