Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Donor recharging, Donor Sealing or Donor Farming

"Recharging donor" area which is also known as "Donor sealing"  even called "Donor Farming" is not new by concept and some surgeons have even practiced this in past. The typical indication would be
1. When surgeon has by poor & aggressive planning over harvested a particular area of donor scalp and that looks thin compared to other parts of donor area. The best way to recharge is to take anagen BHT. When well performed there is no reason why BHT would not grow.
2. When the shock loss has occurred in donor area where hair does not grow back
3. when patient wants to keep the hair very short and want to avoid visibility of dotted scars. The transplanted BHT will bring back the pigments to the donor area and reduce the visibility
4. It may be useful esp. if someone wants to intentionally over harvest good quality scalp donor hair for better cosmetic result in the front and therefore replace donor with BHT instead of using BHT at the front or top.

More over when donor recharging done in the fresh wound immediately after extraction would cause higher chances of BHT growth rather than recharging done in the previous FUE scar with reduced blood supply.

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