Friday, December 3, 2010

Concealer or Hair Thickening Cosmetics

Toppik, Dermmatch or Nanogen are the Hair cosmetics or concealer which by static adhesion to the existing thin hair will thicken the hair and also by covering the skin reflect no light there by it can give the better cover and volume to the hair thinning area.

Hair thickening Fibres ( Nanogen, Toppik, Hair Magic), particles (DermMatch) , spray  (ProTHIK, Fullmore, Mane), scalp colour cream (COUVRe) or tattoo (Dermography) is temporary (party) solution.

It may have some value in early thinning and in post hair transplant early growth phase.

They are very inert material and would not harm your skin and hairs even on long term use. You can get more info on , or They can easily be removed on shampoo wash.

Because these products are directly available on their website located abroad when some people in India may want to buy this in India following is the contact details in India:

1. Toppik powder in India:
Midas Chamber 301,
Laxmi Industrial Estate,
Off New Link Road,
Andheri , Mumbai – 400053.
Tel: 0226740022/32428898E-mail:-

2. Nanogen Powder
Telephone : 0-98241-46737 Email :  
3. Hairouse Powder: ( More economical of the 3 )
 Nithyasha Health Care , 14, Rukimini Niwas, Gogtewadi,Senapati Bapat Marg, Mahim 16, Tel 224225096, 224225296, 09224585251

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great products for camouflaging the baldness to a great extent. thanks for the information.

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